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Skeyndor - Uniqcure Line

Skeyndor - Uniqcure Line

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The new era of personalized skincare within your reach. New concentrates, essential for your daily beauty ritual.

The UNIQCURE concentrates boost the beauty benefits of your usual products with more than 35 active ingredients specially selected and optimized with SKEYNDOR technology to achieve extraordinary results in your skin.

Each kit includes 7 x 2ml vials.

Renewal Peeling Concentrate
Renewal Peeling Concentrate, the new leave-on peel ampoule from Skeyndor. This new concentrate moisturizes and brightens your skin and is inspired in the best aesthetic medicine peels. Its formula with 15% acids helps to soften thick skin and skin with pores or acne scars. Do not hesitate to prepare and care for your skin with Renewal Peeling Concentrate. For dull, thick, or has open pores or acne scars.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Glycolic, Gluconolactone and Phytic.
BENEFITS Hydrating moisture. Moisturized and re-mineralized skin.

Intensive Hydrating Concentrate
An intensive and sustained action moisturizing ampoule which provides natural moisturizers and hyaluronic acid precursors. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, then this concentrate is your best ally! Dry or dehydrated skins.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Glycolic, Gluconolactone and Phytic.
BENEFITS Ac-glucosamine, Provitamin B5, 11 amino acids and other components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor.

SOS Recovering Concentrate
A rescue ampoule with calming effect, at your disposal. It helps to balance, calm, protect and comfort your skin in depth, especially sensitive and reactive skin and skin with a tendency to be atopic or to couperose. We recommend this concentrate for after aesthetic medical treatments such as laser, peels… Try it and calm your skin! Sensitive, reactive or has a tendency to be atopic or to rosacea skin.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Madecassoside, Blackcurrant and Cardiospermum Halicacabum extracts, α-Bisabolol, Vit. E derivative
BENEFITS Rescue ampoule with calming effect. Reduces skin hypersensitivity and chronic skin irritation processes by blocking pro-inflammatory mediators.

Brightening Glow Concentrate
If your skin is dull or stressed, if you can see small dark spots or start to notice slight signs of ageing, Brightening Glow Concentrate is the ampoule Skeyndor has created for you. It is an antioxidant concentrate with Vitamin C derivatives and the combination of three powerful antioxidants which brighten and unify your skin tone, providing an internal flash of light and amplifying the natural splendour of your skin. Ready to shine with your own light! For dull or stressed skins, with faint dark spots or slight signs of ageing.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Stabilized derivatives of Ascorbic and Ferulic acids and Aminoethylphosphinic acid (ALA-P).
BENEFITS Antioxidant shock ampoule with 10% stabilized vitamin C derivative. Combines three powerful antioxidants. Internal flash of light, amplifies the natural splendour of your skin.

Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate
If, with the progression of ageing, dark spots have appeared on your face and your skin tone is turning yellowish, Skeyndor has created Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate for you. A skin colour corrective ampoule which softens the appearance of dark spots and unifies skin tone, lightening the yellowish tone which appears with age. For skins with moderate dark spots, dark skin and sallow skin.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Hexylresorcinol, Vit B3, Brassica Napus-Wheat Bran-Candida Saitoana extracts.
BENEFITS Skin colour corrective ampoule for porcelain skin. Reduces melanin formation and distribution, and the accumulation of lipofuscin, a pigment of ageing.

Instant Lifting Concentrate
Your skin tone can reflect many things, among them, accumulated tiredness. Instant Lifting Concentrate is the new instant lifting action ampoule from Skeyndor. It works a powerful firming and tensing effect, for firmer skin without signs of tiredness and redefined facial contours. With this concentrate, you will achieve more uniform and longer-lasting make-up. For skins with slack or has a tired appearance.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS DMAE, Hydrolysed elastin, APM soya proteins.
BENEFITS Instant action facelift ampoule. Powerful firming effect. Instant flash of beauty.

Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate
Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate is the new intensive anti-wrinkle ampoule. It contains three powerful decontracters in synergy which will make your skin shine with a smoother and more wrinkle-free appearance thanks to its faster and longer-lasting anti-wrinkles action. If your skin has wrinkles and expression lines, this is your best option as maintenance for, or a cosmetic alternative to, interventions with botulinum toxin. For skins with with wrinkles (eye contours and forehead) and expression lines. As maintenance or cosmetic alternative to interventions with botulinum toxin.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS GABA, “Botulin-like” and “Snake venom-like” peptides.
BENEFITS Intensive anti-wrinkles ampoule. Inspired in corrective aesthetic medicine. Synergy of three powerful decontractors with faster and longer-lasting anti-wrinkles action.

Redensifying Filling Concentrate
A redensifying ampoule for a 3D skin-fill effect. The formula contains a powerful cell promoter which stimulates, fills and rejuvenates your skin from the inside. If you want to see your skin with a more vital, juicier and denser appearance, then this is your concentrate. Inspired in corrective aesthetic medicine. Recovers your facial volume. For skins which are fine or shows loss of firmness. For vertical wrinkles (laughter lines and neck).
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Proteoglycans, Hydrolysed collagen, Bakuchiol (vit. A-like), Artemisia Abrotanum extract.
BENEFITS Redensifying ampoule for a 3D skin fill effect. Powerful cell promoter. Simulates, fills and rejuvenates the skin from the inside. Inspired in corrective aesthetic medicine. Recovers facial volumes.

Skeyndor 8hr Night Repairing Concentrate


Have you heard about Skeyndor's latest NIGHT ampoule? We’re pleased to introduce the 8H Night Repairing Concentrate, a night repair ampoule. This new concentrate features a mix of bioactive micropeptides, designed to strengthen the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and improve the quality of collagen fibres, as well as other structural components of the skin. It stimulates detoxification and regeneration of the skin throughout the night. This UNIQCURE concentrate is your best friend at night!


Recommended for skin which is weakened and/or has signs of fatigue.


3 ECM repair peptides, Tryptophan and Silk Tree Extract.


Night Repairing concentrate. Cocktail of bioactive micropeptides which strengthens the Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and improves the quality of the collagen fibres and other structural elements of the skin. Stimulates skin repair and detoxification overnight.

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