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Skeyndor - Power Retinol Line

Skeyndor - Power Retinol Line

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Skeyndor has enlisted its proficiency in concentrated form for their latest range, Power Retinol. This exclusive Skeyndor formula merges pure Retinol with actives of Bakuchiol and Soy Extract to restore the skin’s individual youthful radiance. This potent anti-ageing system boosts the skin’s natural cellular regeneration to reveal an infinitely smoother, more even and firmer skin. Simply put, skin looks younger.

Intensive Repairing Emulsion 50 ml.
Anti-ageing serum-in-cream with pure concentrated retinol. Rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and dark spots. Indicated for combination skins to oily skins.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Pure retinol (2000 IU/g), bakuchiol 0.75%, HS soy extract.

Intensive Repairing Serum-in-Cream 30 ml.
Anti-ageing serum in cream with pure concentrated retinol. Contains light interference pigments for an immediate perfecting effect. Rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and dark spots. Indicated for all skin types.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Pure retinol 0,09% (3000IU/g), bakuchiol 1.0%, HS soy extract.

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