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Skeyndor - Essential Line

Skeyndor - Essential Line

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Women are realizing that it is important to do so at an earlier age. Skeyndor's Essential Line responds to the type of woman that, at any age, begins her daily skin care regimen. Skeyndor's Essential Line offers solutions to the normal, dry, oily and combination skin types and has been carefully designed so that its working system is highly effective.

  • Great price point

  • Skin defence

  • Amino acids the building blocks of the skin

  • Luxurious to use

Hydratant Cream with Aminoacids 50 ml.
The amino acids used in this cream are associated with substances that regulate pH levels and active ingredients that moisturize skin. Preserves the hydro-lipidic layer of the epidermis. With sunscreen. For dry and normal skin.

Essential Camomile Skin Tonic 250 ml.
Tonic to complete the cleansing of dry skin. With toning effects, refreshing and softening. For dry to normal skin.

Cleansing Emulsion with Camomile Essential 250 ml.
Emulsion for removing make-up with Camomile extract ideal to soften and protect dry and normal skin types. With remarkable moisturizing properties. Indicated for all skin types.

Moisturizing Emulsion 50 ml.
Moisturizing cream base applied in the morning or before make-up. Skin achieves a matte look, which is oil and shine free. Avoids trans-epidermal evaporation. Does not block pores. With sunscreen. Normal and combination skin.
Essential Skin Tonic with Hamamelis 250 ml.
Tonic with a high content in Hamamelis, with gently astringent properties. Refreshing and rebalancing. Oily and combination skins.

Essential Cleansing Emulsion with Cucumber Extract 250 ml.
Fluid make-up removing emulsion with special ingredients to remove any excess oil from the skin that is secreted throughout the day. For oily and combination skin.

Soft Peeling Exfoliant 50 ml.
Peeling to eliminate dead cells from the corneal layer and to stimulate biochemical changes in the epidermis. The skin is then ready to receive any treatment. All skin types.

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