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LOCAL: Muskoka Made Coconut Soy Candles - 8oz

LOCAL: Muskoka Made Coconut Soy Candles - 8oz

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Indulge in the cozy charm of our 8oz Muskoka Made Coconut Soy Candles, each one handcrafted with love and care in the heart of Muskoka. Our collection of inviting scents evokes the spirit of the season and transforms any space into a warm, welcoming haven. Choose from a variety of delightful fragrances:

Autumn Vibes: Embrace the essence of fall with this scent, capturing the crisp air, falling leaves, and the cozy feeling of autumn.

Butterscotch Bourbon and Cinnamon: Delight in the rich, decadent aroma of melted butterscotch, infused with a splash of bourbon and a hint of cinnamon.

Tobacco Vanilla: Wrap yourself in the warm, comforting cloud of tobacco and familiar gourmand notes for a truly soothing ambiance.

Cranberry Evergreen: Experience the enchanting blend of cranberry, rich plum, and winter frost, reminiscent of a serene winter landscape.

Christmas Tree: Bring the enchantment of the holidays into your home with the fresh and invigorating scent of Balsam Cedar, reminiscent of a fresh Christmas tree.

Spiced Pumpkin: Enjoy the delightful fragrance of sweet maple brown sugar with a dash of cinnamon, perfectly capturing the essence of spiced pumpkin.

Sweater Weather: Transport yourself to a serene, snowy landscape with the comforting scents of Siberian Fir and Raspberry, creating a relaxing and sweet aroma that's perfect for unwinding.

Meticulously crafted and made with a coconut soy blend, these candles offer a clean and long-lasting burn, filling your space with these charming scents, creating an inviting atmosphere for you to savor. Whether you're looking to set the mood for a cozy evening or simply want to enjoy the comforting scents of the season, our Muskoka Made Coconut Soy Candles are the perfect choice.

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