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Everlasting Candle Co. Black Steel Funnel BLOW OUT SALE 25%

Everlasting Candle Co. Black Steel Funnel BLOW OUT SALE 25%

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Streamline the process of refilling your Everlasting Candle with the Everlasting Candle Black Steel Funnel. This handy accessory is designed to make refilling your candle as easy and mess-free as possible, ensuring you can continue to enjoy the warm, ambient glow of your Everlasting Candle with minimal effort.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Efficient Refilling: The Black Steel Funnel is crafted for precise and efficient refilling, allowing you to pour liquid wax into your Everlasting Candle with ease.

  2. Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality black steel, this funnel is built to last and withstand regular use.

  3. Minimized Spills: The funnel's design minimizes spills and drips, helping to keep your candle and its surroundings clean.

  4. Designed for Everlasting Candle: This funnel is specifically designed to fit the Everlasting Candle, ensuring a perfect fit and hassle-free refills.

  5. Sleek Aesthetic: The black steel construction adds a touch of elegance to the overall look of the Everlasting Candle.

Enhance your Everlasting Candle experience with the Black Steel Funnel, ensuring that refilling your candle is a breeze. With its efficient design and durable construction, this funnel makes the process of keeping your candle burning smoothly and cleanly.

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